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The Courtship Network is a platform that connects single men and women who seek marriage and wish to embrace traditional, conservative values.

Access is exclusively through trusted affiliates.

These are leaders in the online space who teach, practice and share content on traditional relationship dynamics, parenting and faith-guided living. They have skin in this game.

Let's bring back biblical courtship.

Membership cost is $11.99 USD/month. Cancel any time.

All members are manually screened by completing application form below. Please be as detailed as possible in your answers for your best chance of approval.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, the platform is available worldwide!

No, there is a recurring monthly fee of $11.99 to stay on the platform. This helps reduce the number of fake accounts and ensures a base level of commitment from the users.

No, we do not have any specific religious requirements. That said, we do strongly support everything Christianity has to offer in terms of lifestyle, values and the institute of marriage. Wanting to live in accordance to biblical gender roles is essential, as well as the intention to avoid sexual immorality and sin.

Yes. Having children, being older or anything that might put you outside of the majority in terms of finding a partner is not an issue provided you believe in and uphold our core values and are legally divorced. However, please note that these characteristics will put you in the minority on the platform and you may find it more difficult to find someone.

On top of the affiliate model, the platform is primarily structured as a social community feed. There is no swiping, drip feeding of profiles or 'perk' systems that limit your ability to connect with other users. We also actively moderate the platform to keep a high quality user base and work with the affiliates to provide education and training in regards to the courtship process.